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we create. emotions. behavior. reality. future. more…

brand impact.
make your customers smile.

e-commerce. we create
digital opportunities,
build solutions and
enhance brand values.

selling worldwide. we design, implement and optimize solutions for worldwide selling. more…

we are a martech company. we live in a digital world. more than ever. less than tomorrow. more…

marketing is – communication
connecting people to products
via emotions.

cloud. we support and establish or maintain vital strategic processes and IT management chances. more…

focus: man. our work is absolutely focussed on people - their needs, wishes and perceptions.

with us you decide in favor of the core question: what will make the customer happy and what can your whole company provide to achieve this goal? There are no products sold without services.

emotions control behavior and thus shopping.



emotions are the anchor of trust, safety and values of each brand. we create transformational products with significantly new and higher valued emotional benefits; game changing products that create a future for brands and companies. change your products and their perception.

brand impact - we team up with brands to create the future.


today every brand has to evaluate their impact on many aspects – i.e. an economic, a social and an environmental level. therefore, it is necessary to work towards the affinity of your brand's customers, becoming top of their minds while being authentic meeting their needs. we develop solutions for the whole picture.

e-commerce - people today prefer online shopping over in-store shopping.

we deliver profitable ecosystems and online store development services. our primary forte is working with quality ecommerce, custom web-development, shop-development and mobile app-development with integration and support. we have been helping companies worldwide across various industries to optimize their business processes regardless of their operation domain, geographical location and organizational specifications. we have shaped our tech knowledge through continuous hands-on experience in planning, managing and carrying out complex projects.

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selling worldwide - we help companies with our expertise to sell their products safely worldwide.

from front end to back end – from digital to physical products. Into 127 countries, with over 50 local currencies and over 70 payment methods. and the potential is breathtaking: in 2023 over 700 billion dollars will be spent on bordercrossing sales. use this potential also for yourself!

we live in a digital world. more than ever. less than tomorrow.


we combine the view on and knowledge of markets and people with top of the notch software and hardware. ninety percent of our services are consulting, developing and supporting in the fields of software based ecommerce and marketing/strategies.

marketing - we communicate, design and develop to inspire emotions.

with them people bond with products, brands and services. bending and breaking conventions establishes lighthouse positioning and a unique perception in the eyes of the relevant people - b2b and b2c. exceptional brand messages create strategic windows and unique value propositions that drive the profit margin.

cloud computing is a must take chance to model and optimize IT solutions and services.

far beyond a technical view it supports innovative approaches to stay competitive. the first of five steps is digitalization, then examination of capital lockup, cost reduction & scale and a flexible use of business processes. we support to establish cloud readiness, secure data transfer and processing and the avoidance of cloud provider lock-in.


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